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Pool Installation

Cardinal Pool Systems

Cardinal Pool Systems is the manufacturer we use.  Located in the USA Cardinal uses high quality USA steel in the manufacture of our pool kits. They offer a wide variety of customizable options such as pool, step, bench and tanning ledge features. Their galvanized steel kits are double protected with an additional ZAM coating which protects the panel from corrosion. 

Please visit our manufacturer's website to find out more detailed information on the different pool designs.

The expert technicians at Reflections Pools Services bring their experience and pride of work in pool installation to build a pool of your dreams in your back yard. The most rewarding part of swimming pool installation is meeting the customer at the end and seeing how excited and happy they are.

At Reflections Pools Services we believe communication is key and you will have the owner's number to contact directly during the whole building process. To minimize the amount of time we are in your backyard building your pool we only work two pool installation jobs at a time.  We use the best contractors for the concrete and electrical work to assure all aspects of your inground pool installation are done within code for the safety for your family and friends. 

We take a lot of pride in the work we do and our owner is hands-on.  Kevin will be actively participating in the construction of your pool. Our goal is to have you as a happy customer that will recommend our company to others. 

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Advantages to building a liner pool over other systems. 

  1. Vinyl has a smooth surface so vacuuming and cleaning up debris is easier when compared to a concrete pool.
  2. Vinyl is a nonporous surface that resists the staining you may see with concrete pools
  3. Customizable to any shape and size of pool at a cheaper cost per square foot over other pool types
  4. Replacing the liner around the 10 to 15 year mark is much cheaper than the cost of redoing the plaster on a concrete pool.
  5. The smooth finish is also easier on your toes. 
  6. Vinyl is also not affected by the freeze and thaw climate we have in the Midwest.

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