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Is your pool looking old, liner bleeched out or torn, tiles or brick coping coming loose, or perhaps the decking around the pool shifting and cracking. Reflections is the perfect coming for pool renovations in O'Fallon, Wentzville and all of St. Charles County and beyond.  We will come out , take a look at your pool and tell you what we can do to fix it and have it looking like new.   

Liner replacement

Liner repair is just one of the pool repairs in O'Fallon & St. Charles County that Reflections excels in.  

If your liner is beginning to tear or has faded out to a point where it has lost its appeal, then it might be time to replace it. When you are ready just give us a call and we will come out and evaluate your pool.

During our initial pool renovation evaluation you will be given two brochures, one from Lathem and one from Merlin, which will show the different liner patterns to choose from. We will take rough pool measurements (without draining) and have an estimate ready in a day or two.

At this point if you have your liner picked out and you are satisfied with the estimate we will setup a meeting so I can show you the actual liner samples to make your final decision and sign a contract for the installation and down payment. Usually the very next day we will come back out and drain and remove the old liner and take detailed measurements of your pool and submit them to the liner manufacturer right away to get your liner installed as soon as possible. Sometimes it can take up to two weeks to get a liner from the manufacturer even though they advertise 3-day turn around. It just depends how busy the manufacturers are and how well they are keeping up with the demand. You can figure 3-day manufacturing and 3-day shipping time so at least it takes one week to get a liner after measurements are submitted to the factory.

After your liner comes in we clean up the surfaces of the pool (walls, floor, etc.) and usually there is some patching on the floor that needs to be done so the floor has a smooth appearance after the new liner is installed. One bag of vermiculite is all that is usually needed. But if the floor is in real bad shape we will let you know how much extra in cost to repair. We will always get our customers approval for extra costs during the job instead of surprising you at the end with extra fees. Its your money, we wont spend it for you. Next thing we do is spray the floor with copper sulfate. What this helps with is to reduce the chance of black algae from growing underneath the liner which penetrates the vinyl and has a black stain appearance on the pool side. Most pools don't have this condition. Usually caused by excessive underground moisture.

After the walls are clean and the floor is all patched up its ready to have the new liner laid into place. We use a vacuum to draw the liner up tight and and then work the liner into is proper position in the pool. After we have a good fit all faces plates (skimmer, main drain grate, return fittings, etc) are replaced with new ones giving the pool a new look. Its just cheep when some companies install your new liner but reinstall your old stained face plates. After that your liner installation is complete. But we do one more extra step. Liner lock is installed.  Some of you might have seen your liner slip out of the coping. You probably know how hard it is to pull that liner back into the coping if not impossible. This is a product inserted between the liner and the coping which locks the liner into place helpingi t from silpping out.

Now its time to put the hose into the pool and begin filling it with water. We have the customer turn the water off when there is around 6 inches of water in the shallow end and then give us a call. We come back out and pull our vacuum tubes out from behind the liner and then your ready to fill the pool to your normal water level.  The liner installation from start to finish takes two days usually due to having to wait for the water to fill the pool. If you have any questions feel free to call us at 636-345-1707.

Please visit the manufacturers website at Lathem and the other one at Merlin Industries There they will have an updated patterns that they are currently offering.