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Spray Deck Coatings

What you see around your pool the most is the pool deck. This is a great way to improve the look of your pool to add a decorative element to your pool area. The Spray Deck System can be applied to almost any newly poured, worn or cracked concrete surface and is the perfect choice for sidewalks, driveways and garage floors, entrances, lobbies, showrooms, patios and swimming pool decks. The Spray Deck System is backed by a 5 year limited warranty if applied by qualified applicators. Reflections Pool Service has been factory trained and certified to apply the Spray Deck System by SGM.


Top reasons to use spray deck.

1. Cover dingy or mismatched concrete with a decorative colored surface
2. The deck is much cooler making it more comfortable for bare feet with a slick resistant surface
3. Durable surface that will last for years not susceptible to freeze and thawing damage like more solid type of deck coatings
4. The color coat is also a sealer. sealing your concrete will add more years to the life of your decking