swimming pool slides

We offer serveral slides from Interfab that can be installed on your new or already existing pool.

Pool Features - The finishing touch 

Swimming Pool Tile

For fiberglass pool owners we can install tile on your existing fiberglass pool. This adds a lot to the appearance of a pool and also you can have that nasty waterline covered up. The tiles themselves do not get dirty like a plain fiberglass wall does. The tiles repel water so they do not get the line showing up on them as easily. The tiles are not like the ones you get at home depot. These are a frost proof type of tile that resists water absorption so they don't crack or craze over the winter time. The installation usually takes a few days to complete so your pool will not be out of use for a long period of time.  With the adhesive and grout both being silicone based you don't have to worry about freeze and thaw causing tiles to become loose or fall off. There are many tile samples to select from. If you are interested we can setup a time where I can bring over a catalog of the many tiles you can choose from.

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pool features - swimming pool lighting

When your having your liner replaced or on a fiberglass pool we can add pool lights to your pool. At night a pool light  adds beauty and also safety to your pool.