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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Reflections Pools Services

Pool Openings & Pool Closing Services


Pool opening System only

This Pool Openings service is where we de-winterize the filter system, Install all nozzles and check the system over for proper operation. customer will be notified of repairs that may be needed.
March (Extra Early Bird Special Pricing) $80; 
April or later $90

Pool opening System and pool Cover removal

This Pool service includes everything stated in System only and we also remove and fold your cover, lubricated the anchors in the deck with WD40, install rails and ladders. Add $40 for solid covers on larger size pools example 20x40 or L shape pools.
March (Extra Early Bird Special Pricing) $140; April (Early Bird Special Pricing) $160; May or later $190

pool opening Chemical Balance service

We balance ph, Alkalinity, chlorine, and stabilizer. this pool service usually takes a few days to complete and does not include the chemicals which will be charged on the credit card we have on file at the completion of service. total cost for chemicals will vary depending upon the size of the pool,  how far out of balance, and if the pool is green or clear. Listed below is the cost for the chemicals normally used to balance and clear a pool.

​Calcium Hypochorite (shock)-$3.50/lb, Liquid Chlorine(shock)-$3.95

​PH increaser and Alk increaser-$1.50/lb

​PH & Alk decreaser(muratic acid)-$7.50/gal. 

​Chlorine generator pool salt-$9.50/40lb. bag

​Stabilizer(cyanuric acid)-$4.25/lb

Other chemicals that maybe used if conditions in the pool such as phosphates  exist or the pool remains cloudy for a few days without clearing up.

​Phosfree-$18,75/2 liter

​Floc and Clear-$19.54

​March (Extra Early Bird Special Pricing) $70; April (Early Bird Special Pricing) $80; May (SERVICE IS NOT OFFERED)

Pool Vacuum Service

This is where we simply vacuum out to waste with our own equipment the loose debris and sweep the walls down. come back the next day to vacuum out the settled debris. this service is not include removing stains on surfaces.

March (Extra Early Bird Special Pricing) $120; April (Early Bird Special Pricing) $170; May or later $180

Pool opening Full Service

This is where we do everything and get your pool swim ready. Takes us usually a few days before we are done. Service is charged when we begin. Chemicals will be charged to your credit card after the service is completed. 

March (Extra Early Bird Special Pricing) $340; April (Early Bird Special Pricing) $400; May (SERVICE IS NOT OFFERED)


Pool Winterization services

Full Service Winterization 10k gallons

$270.00 (add $40 FOR SOLID COVERS $20 FOR UV BLANKETS).   

This is for pools that are close to 10k gallons.  Which is a system winterization, removing the rails, adding the winterization chemicals and lubricating the safety cover anchors with WD40, placing the cover onto the pool.  This does not include Vacuuming. Add $30.00 per 10k gallons. So a pool close to 20k gallons would be $300.

Pool System Winterization only

$160.00 (add $30.00 per 10k if ordering with winterization chemicals)
This includes the winterization of all plumbing lines and the pump/filter system. Most pools will fall into this price range. May be an extra charge for those that have more complex systems such as pool/spa combinations or extra water features.